Actual Jesus face on Shroud of Turin

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I am an Indian from the State of Kerala in India and a retired 75-year-old grandfather with a B.Sc in Mechanical Engineering (Graduated in 1968). I have Management degrees and had a membership of the British Institute of Management – MBIM in the 1980s.

After graduating I joined our family business, which unfortunately went bankrupt due to labour and eventual financial problems. We lost everything including our house. In desperation, went abroad to Dubai in 1979, to seek my fortune there. Initially faced great difficulties being jobless. Not knowing what to do, started wandering around the offices of Companies seeking a job. On one of these job hunting trips, I came across a garbage bin with a pile of magazines kept at the side. I bent down and browsed through this pile and came across a ‘LIFE’ Magazine. I took it and later was reading through it, when I came across an article about the 1978 Shroud of Turin Research Project (STURP). That was the first time I heard of the Shroud of Turin. From that day onward things happened like a miracle, I got a good job and things improved. I had to do a lot of world wide traveling with my job and whenever I visited Italy, I made it a point to go to Turin and pray at the Church of the Shroud of Turin.

I became 'Shroudie' (a firm believer that the Shroud of Turin is the burial cloth of Jesus with a miracle selfie of Jesus) in 1979. Years later, in 2008, I had a massive heart attack and was lucky to survive after having an open heart surgery. I was advised complete rest and took sick leave for almost 6 months. During this period, I was so bored doing nothing, that I started using the internet. I was so fascinated with the capabilities of the internet, that I wanted to make my own web sites. This led me to learning web design and finally writing and making my own web sites. As you can imagine, this is the first website I made. I have since made more than 15 websites. Some of it are as follows:

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  3. : About Drinking Water and Water Purifiers
  4. : About Satellite DTH TV in India
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  7. : Why India is best Tourist Destination
  8. : Discover Kerala, “Paradise on Earth” says National Geographic Magazine
  9. : How to buy a Flat or Villa in Kerala
  10. : Basics of Smart Mobile Phones
  11. www.PhotoofJesus.Com : Real photo of Jesus from a miracle image on his burial cloth
  12. : Why Projectors are better than big TVs
  13. : Guide to buy a new TV
  14. : Why should we invest in Stocks or Shares

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Good online shopping sites for Shroud of Turin pictures, medals, etc.

Please, you should not feel that the people involved with the following websites are not being ethical by doing commercial operations using the Shroud of Turin. They are all very dedicated people, very devoted to the Shroud of Turin, but they are not rich enough and cannot afford to give away free Shroud of Turin materials. They also need to make a living, especially since they devote almost their entire time doing service promoting the Shroud of Turin.

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